Thursday, February 23, 2012

Some Interesting Snow Tests Today

 I went out today to scout conditions for the 10th grade Winter Trip and found some really interesting snow.  There is about 10-12 new inches of snow in the Galena Summit area in the last two days, seasoned with some pretty strong winds.  The hazard rating was considerable.  I was solo so I stayed  in green light terrain--but most likely would have done so with a larger group--given the results I got.  

Pretty nice day
Saw at least three naturals:  D1-D2 range.  Widespread whoomping, some shooting cracks in wind affected areas.  Above is one D2 sized natural just to the east of Governor's Punch Bowl.  I did several hand shears and got easy results on the new/old inter-phase.
A close look:  Starting zone:  East exposure  Low 40deg.  Found a safe zone just above the crown line and did a few stability tests.
Compression Test
Extended Column Test:  Went on 9 with a Q-2  
 My conclusions below

Skiing was excellent--stay safe out there

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