Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Corn

Hannes, Elliot, Pete and I heard there might be some Easter eggs to find on the top of Galena Peak so we went on the hunt--but all we found was some really good corn skiing. 
Pete heading up the final climb

Near the top:  Castle Peak in the background. Temps were 19 deg when we started around 7:45.  Slight overcast and moderate winds at the summit.  We were wondering if the corn would come off. 
Summit:  11,002, Then the ski down.  Not exactly corn was the saying of the day for the top 1000 feet of vertical. 

But then it got really good and stayed that way for the rest of the descent.  Over 4000 feet of skiing back to the car. 

The middle rock band--Kind of steep here

Wolverine Track in Cherry Creek on the way out.  All in all a really fun adventure. 

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