Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Orienteering Event

Last Sunday the Community School Wilderness Navigation Class hosted a community orienteering event at the Fox Creek trail head.  27 contestants braved the cold to run around in the woods looking for orange and white orienteering tents.
Trying to stay warm--temps at 9am were about 15 deg F

G-Nar giving out instructions for the event

Race crew checking out the course--all is well

The boys:  Jay, Kristian and Lukas on their way to a strong second place finish.  Big BA points for fording the Wood River to save a few seconds.

G-Nar's Mom ripping it up

The Motor Girls on the last flag--and on the way to a dominating victory!! ( Nordic Skiers Rule!!)

Our fearless race director.  It should also be noted that the beginner course was won by the amazing OLA advisor team of Nancy and Erika.  Way to go but next year.......you get to play with the big dogs.

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